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Education is a lifelong process, and the right start can take you places you never dreamed you'd go. Lamar State College - Port Arthur offers you the best value possible to start your journey into higher education. Our long-standing tradition of providing a quality education that is also affordable and convenient means you receive a rewarding educational experience that will prepare you to excel at a 4-year university—at a fraction of a university's tuition cost.

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Core Curriculum

Core curriculum

Complete your Texas state-required curriculum and transfer these 48 credits fully to any Texas state university. Learn more »

Program Background

Completing your core curriculum at LPA means that your 48 state-required core curriculum credits will transfer as a block to any Texas state university without a SAT or ACT requirement. In addition, our associate's degree programs allow you to take your education a step further prior to transferring by earning additional credits in specific areas of study.


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