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Entering Freshmen

Students enrolling in college for the first time who fit one of the these categories may apply for admission:

  • Graduates from an accredited high school
  • Those who have earned a GED certificate
  • Those who are at least eighteen (18) years of age and who do not have a high school diploma or GED may be admitted upon individual approval of the appropriate dean if it can be determined that there is an ability to benefit for the students in the course of study they propose to enter
  • Those younger eighteen (18) and who do not have a diploma or GED may be admitted upon the written recommendation of the principal or superintendent of the last high school attended.

Admission to the institution does not guarantee admission to a particular degree or certificate program. Please check in the appropriate section of this bulletin to determine if a particular program has special requirements.

  • Beginning freshmen must submit a completed "Application for Admission" form, an official high school transcript or GED certificate and appropriate placement scores.
  • All beginning students must comply with requirements relating to the Texas Success Initiative (TSI).

Transfer Students

Transfer applicants are considered for admission on the basis of their previous college records. Applicants must submit a completed "Application for Admission" form and official transcripts from all colleges previously attended.

  • Transfer applicants must be in good standing with all institutions previously attended. Students on scholastic or disciplinary suspension from another institution must petition the appropriate dean or the Vice President for Academic Affairs for individual approval. Contact the Admission Office for further information.
  • Students transferring from a Texas public college or university are subject to the same Texas Success Initiative requirements that apply to current students. (See the special TSI section for details). Therefore, transfer students from Texas public colleges and universities who began their college careers in the 1989 fall semester or later must have THEA or ASSET scores on file. Otherwise, enrollment will be limited to remedial and/or other courses which will not count toward graduation.
  • Students transferring from a non-Texas public college or university who began their college career in the 1989 fall semester or later and have not attended college since that time must take the THEA or ASSET test prior to enrollment at Lamar State College-Port Arthur.
  • Credit earned at other accredited institutions will be considered for credit at Lamar State College-Port Arthur according to the following guidelines:
    • All general education transfer courses, whether passed, failed or repeated, are used in calculating the cumulative grade point average.
    • Acceptance to Lamar State College-Port Arthur does not constitute acceptance to a particular degree or certificate program. Placement scores and developmental courses transferred by students from other regionally accredited Texas public institutions of higher education (IHE) will be honored for initial placement.

Note: Students who transfer from a regionally accredited private or independent IHE in Texas, or from a regionally accredited out-of-state IHE, and who satisfactorily completed (with a grade of "C" or better) college-level, non-remedial coursework, as determined by the college, are exempt from developmental education requirements.

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